OEA Training Programme & Development Profiles

Training and Development of Orange EliteAllianz Group was jointly formulated by our Senior Group Associate Director, Mr Ronnie Ong & Senior Team Associate Director, Mr. Simon Yio. With many key Leaders within OEA spearheading OEA Training and Development, it is our aim to provide all Elites in Orange EliteAllianz Group a strategic learning and professional development with efficiency through competency-based training, practices and innovative education programs. OEA T&D is committed to help OEA Elites take forward steps to become high performer in real estate and always stay relevant in this industry.

OEA Training Mission Statement

Integrate competency-based training courses and programs with professional practicum in theory and innovation; and to assist individuals to be Resilience, Employability, Competitive, and Capability.

OEA Training Objectives

To design and provide competency-based training programs and career counseling to our OEA Elites and be aligned with our OEA Group objectives.

Adopt a holistic experiential training, and methodologies to develop a total success for our OEA Elites.

OEA Training Philosophy

Orange EliteAllianz Group educates towards professional development and strategic learning. The competency-based training opportunities and curriculum prepare individuals to deliver outstanding professional services and skills. Our consistent focus on our OEA Elites learning and ensures that Orange EliteAllianz Group provides excellent business skills and future development.

Kick-Start Session – OEA System 1

Kick-Start is a training session that gives OEA Elites an in-depth understanding of building listings base, buyers & tenants when serving buyers & tenants of different types of residential properties, namely, HDB, Private Apartments, Landed and Condominiums and the techniques of handling phone calls from the buyers and co-broke agents.

Prospecting Session – OEA System 2

Prospecting session is the second part of Kick-Start where we equip all our OEA Elites with the knowledge of how to determine the 5 ‘Prices’ and leveraging on OrangeTee database for market info such as; FSBO/FLBO, property owners; contacts and property advertisements. Lot of role-plays will be included in this session.

Realtor Excellence Acceleration Program (REAP)

REAP  is a skills program that is developed to prepare all OEA Elites with all the necessary skills and knowledge when practice in the real estate field. The program prepares the OEA Elites of how to secure exclusive listings, conducting property demonstration, achieving 2% professional fees from sellers, etc,.

The syllabus;

  • Effective Goal Setting for Real Estate Agents
  • Effective Time-Management for Real Estate Agents
  • Effective Negotiating Skills for Real Estate Agents
  • Marketing for Real Estate Agents
  • Methods of Prospecting
  • Securing of Listings
  • Property Demonstration
  • Closing Techniques
  • Documentation and Procedures
  • The Marketing Plan

Skills Mastery Program (SMP)

As FSBO/FLBO is one of the evergreen sources in the industry to get listings, SMP equips our OEA Elites all the necessary techniques to handle objections from FSBO & FLBO. After having learnt the skills needed to make appointments to see clients, OEA Elites are next prepared on the secrets to formulating an effective Marketing Plan & Listing Presentation.

Commercial/Industrial Agent Program

CISP allow OEA Elites to familiar with commercial and industrial properties and equip OEA Elites all essentials knowledge and skills to specialize in the sector.

Project Agent Program

Skill based training to master the art of selling new homes.

Handling Owners’ Objections Training (HOOT)

HOOT Training enables our OEA Elites to better equip themselves with the necessary skills & techniques to effectively communicate with potential new clients. Our OEA Elites will be taught on how to handle & overcome common objections encountered. Upon completing this training, OEA Elites will walk away with their confidence at an all time high.

Tips & Traps Sharing Session

Orange ElitesAllianz Group has launched this sharing session to all OEA Elites to learn from the BEST from our Elites Management and OEA Top Producers. This is the good chance to emulate and learn from their wealth of experience.


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